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Vol. 112 - Issue 1, Wednesday, September 15, 2010
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Vol.6 No.51 - 7/6/1872
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History Column 1955 – 1965
By Tom Heitz

Resources provided courtesy of the New York State Historical Association Library


The 45-piece Richfield Springs Central School band will present their third concert this year in the auditorium under the direction of Andrew Currie, director of instrumental music. The concert starts at 8:15 p.m., Wednesday evening, February 9, and is open to the public. A free offering will be taken. Special numbers on the program will include a vocal trio with Mary Lane, Victoria Burrington, and Georgene Eckler; a flute solo by Mary Kuncik, a clarinet quartet with Jane Durisek, Victoria Burrington, Loretta Hugick and Joan Zeh; a trombone solo by Charles Bruce; and a piano solo by Jane Durisek.

RSCS Third Period Honor Roll for Grade 12 – High Honor: Jean Angier, 2.7; Edward Mower, 2.8; Florence Udovich, 2.8. Honor: Barbara Ames, 2.3; Bertha Ames, 2.5; Robert Baldwin, 2.4; Ann Beecher, 2.6; Carol Brady, 2.0; Marguerite Bulger, 2.2; Annie Dyn, 2.0; Marilyn Grabowski. 2.6; Elinor Jensen, 2.2; Barbara Maguire, 2.3; William Maksuta, 2.3; Charles Prentice, 2.1; Mary Reilly, 2.3; Barbara Reinhard, 2.3; Maureen Schryer, 2.0; Connie Wellenstein, 2.5; Joyce Wilson. 2.4; Peter Woytowich, 2.4; and Judith Vaughn, 2.5.

RSCS Menu for February 21-25 – Monday: Spaghetti, vegetable salad, bread and butter, milk. Tuesday: No School. Wednesday: Meat loaf, potato chips, bread and butter, peaches and milk. Thursday: Beef stew on biscuits, pineapple salad, cookies and milk. Friday: Vegetable soup, tuna fish sandwiches, chocolate pudding and milk.

The Cooperstown Braves defeated the Richfield Rebels 24-14 on the Little League baseball field at the Richfield Springs Central School. Gary House managed the Rebels and Alfred Van Valkenburg, a junior, did a fine job of umpiring. Players for the Rebels were Jay Bernhardt, Doug Bernhardt, John Jerson, Doug Bernard, Charley Boutellier, Elmer Barrett, Owen Weston, Tom Cantwell, Mike Hosford, Bobby Jesionowski, Billy Donnelly, Ed Donnelly, and Larry Hunt.


For the past three months the members of the student council at the Richfield Springs Central School have been working on the revision of the school constitution. The present constitution, which was lacking in many ways, was discussed in class meetings as well as council meetings. The proposed new constitution will go to class meetings next week for vote. Members of the student council are president, Jack Huxtable; vice president, Gary Merrick; Secretary, Katie Bruce; and treasurer, Larry Merrick.

Robert Chodak, Richfield Springs, has been selected by a faculty committee at the Richfield Springs Central School as a delegate to the Empire Boys State, June 24-30 at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. Empire Boys State is a citizenship training program sponsored by the American Legion. Robert’s sponsor is the local Hugick-Purcell-Shepard Post 616. The Richfield Springs Rotary Club will pay all of Robert’s expenses.

Mr. James Hines, supervising principal of the Richfield Springs Central School has certified 39 students for graduation ceremonies in June. Senior high honor students are Robert Hazelton, Mary Hugick, Georgene Goodale, Joan Homa, Larry Merrick, Sandy Monahan, Helen Mower, Anna Sarafin, Anthony Vertucci, Barb Byington, Willard Palmer, Joan Zeh, Dick True, Joanne Orendorf, Marj. Ellsworth, Steve Sywetz, Florence Domion, Al Van Valkenburg, Paul Szeflinski, and Mike Garbara.

Richard True, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sprague of 13 River Street, has been awarded a New York State scholarship of $450 per year for four years. The award is made on the basis of competitive examinations each year. One hundred such scholarships were awarded throughout the state to the children of deceased or disabled veterans of the United States Armed Forces.


The next polio clinic will be held April 3, 1957, at 1 p.m. in the Richfield Springs Central School, by Dr. Wendell L. Bryce assisted by school nurse Mrs. Pratt. This is for second shots. No booster shots will be given. At the first school clinic on March 6, 322 pupils received the first dosage.

Jane Durisek of Richfield Springs has been awarded a Rochester Prize Scholarship to the University of Rochester. She was one of 33 finalists from 14 states selected from more than 800 applicants from all parts of the United States and its territories in a nationwide competition for Bausch & Lomb Science Scholarships to the university. Although Miss Durisek did not win one of the science scholarships, she stood so high in the final scoring that the university awarded her a scholarship of comparable value. Miss Durisek is a senior at Richfield Springs Central School, where she is a member of the band and student council. She has served as president of her class and of the French club, two years each, and is accompanist for the chorus.

RSCS School Menu for June 10-14, 1957 – Monday: Pork and noodles, tomatoes, bread and butter, rhubarb and milk; Tuesday: Frankfurts and sauerkraut, rolls, relish, cookie and milk; Wednesday: Fruit juice, pork barbecue, asparagus, pudding, milk; Thursday: Spanish rice, beets, bread and butter, Jello and milk. Friday: Tomato soup, tuna fish sandwich, relish, ice cream and milk.

Members of the Senior Class who took the annual trip to Washington and New York City, accompanied by faculty counselors Mrs. B.W. House and Joseph Fischette, were: Girls: Gail Welden, Francis Conklin, Dorothy Eckler, Alberta Boss, Beverly King, Sue Kelly, Mary Jane Durkee, Alberta Martin, Marion Skinner, Mary Pronko, Susie Stauring, Hope Huxtable, Helen Purcell, Beverly Pratt, Mary Lane, Katie Bruce, Jane Durisek, Jeanette Wilson. Boys: Willis Wightman, Richard Wightman, Ward Babcock, Robert Dowd, Joel Folts, Robert Weston, James Fischette, Richard Harris, Roger Vaughn, Peter Hula, Charles Klem, Arthur Karpowich, John Todd, Morris Stauring, Robert Chodak, Walter Herren, Donald Rasmussen, and Herbert Welden.

Absenteeism in the Richfield Springs Central School this week was reported much higher than normal but did not indicate a serious enough condition to warrant closing the school. There has been no announcement that the cause is the wave of Asian flu now gripping the state this fall. Members of the faculty and staff received inoculations for the Asian flu about two weeks ago. On Monday, there were 88 absentees in grades 7-12, or 24.5 percent of enrolled students in those grades. On Tuesday, there were 94 students absent in the higher grades and 73 absent in grades K-6 for a total of 167 absentees.

Several Richfield Springs students are participating in the New York State sectional music festival at Little Falls. They are: Mary Kuncik, flute and orchestra; Lodena Springer, flute and band; Victoria Burrington, clarinet and band; Barbara Cazrnecki, baritone saxophone, band; Larry Vertucci, cornet and band.

The class of 1958 will present the senior play, a comedy titled “Saved by the Belle” on Friday and Saturday evenings, November 22 and 23.


James Hines, supervising principal at the Richfield Springs Central School, has announced that the school days missed when school was closed in October due to a flu-like illness, will be made up during Regents Week, January 17-24.

RSCS Athletic notes: The Richfield Springs Central School wrestlers downed Sauquoit Central 28 to 18, Tuesday, which was decided until the last two matches. Winning grapplers for Richfield were Boss, Oldick, Woytowich, Bloomfield, Hugick and Eastwood. Members of the wrestling team are Robert Boss, Daniel Bauman, Donald Czarnecki, Donald Oldick, John Woytowich, Art Wilkinson, Ed Huxtable, Allen Bloomfield, George Hugick and Charles Eastwood. Basketball is being played by ninth grade girls in the gym. The captains of the four teams are: Eloisa Dibble, Cheryl Oppel, Judy Yerdon, and Geraldine Madison. Mrs. Guernier supervises the ninth grade girls’ basketball program.

RSCS Honor Roll, January, 1958 – High Honor: Wanda Szeflinski. Honor: David Bibik, Justine Bobak, Susan Chadwick, Barbara Czarnecki, Jane Gabberty, Julita Gressler, Susan Jarvis, Roosevelt Morris, Joyce Pooler, Dona Pratt, Barbara Strong, Peggy Ann Van Schaick.

Susan Mary Chadwick, a senior, has been named the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at RSCS. She received the highest score in a written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes taken by graduating girls in the local school. Her examination paper will now be entered in competition with those of 680 other school winners to name New York State’s candidate for this state’s candidate of All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow. For her current achievement, she will receive an award pin designed by Trifari.

Supervising principal James Hines has announced that Susan Jarvis has been selected Valedictorian of the RSCS Class of 1958. Dona Pratt is Salutatorian. Wanda Szeflinski and Susan Chadwick were named as honor graduates.


RSCS Menu for January 26-30 – Monday: Noodle, beef and tomatoes, tossed vegetable salad, bread and butter, fruit cup and milk. Tuesday: Yankee bean soup and ham salad sandwich, spiced beets, potato sticks, pears, milk. Wednesday: Corned beef hash, buttered carrots, bread and butter, peaches and milk. Thursday: Hot turkey, hash brown potatoes, green buttered beans, cranberry sauce, cookies and milk. Friday: Cream of tomato soup, egg salad or peanut butter sandwiches, carrots and celery sticks, macaroni salad, ice cream and milk.

January RSCS Honor Roll for Grade 12 – High Honor: Gerry House, Judy Karpovich, Hazel Smith, Ronald Wallenstein. Honor: Alberta Boss, Gordon Burkat, Patricia Carlson, Patricia Eckler, Robert Emerick, Melanie Hill, Anni Jensen, Connie Klem, Donald Oldick, Joan Quaif, John Seeley, Adelaide Wilson, and John Woytowich.

Baseball practice started inside Monday at RSCS because of inclement April weather and 23 boys, many of them veterans of the team, reported to coach Fred Kurkowski for tryouts. Pitchers – Tom Southworth, Art Wilkinson and Joe Famulare. Catchers – Mike Steckler and Steve Woytowich. Infielders – Charney Boutellier, John Woytowich, Jay Bernhardt, Larry Hunt, Doug Palmer, Don Bond. Outfielders – Chucky Smith, Mart Matthews, Ed Huxtable, Bob Bibik, Marty Branigan, Fred Culbert, Sam Morris, John Jersen,

Doug Getman, John Skinner, Dave Getman and John Purcell. The first league game is at Richfield Springs on May 4 against New York Mills.

Three different parties of students have nominated slates of candidates for the RSCS student council elections. Running on the “Daly’s Busy Bunnies” ticket are Mary Ann Day for president; John Losee III, vice president; Rose Karpovich, secretary; Mary Palmer, treasurer. Running as the “Pratt’s Progressive Party” are: William Pratt for president; Cheryl Oppel, vice-president; Victoria Burrington, secretary; Lynda Springer, treasurer. Running on the “Steckler’s Skirts” slate are: Michael Steckler, president; Dena Springer, vice-president; Sylvia Skinner, secretary; Sandra Snyder, treasurer.    

Trying out for the Richfield Springs football squad are Dominick Capece, Gerald Hext, James Hext, John Jersen, Steve Woytowich, Edward Huxtable, John Purcell, Michael Steckler, Charles Culbert, Edwin Donnelly, Thomas Lewis, Jay Bernhardt, James Smith, Paul O’Connor, Daniel Horan, Monte Domion, William Donnelly, Charles Hazelton, George Durisek, Douglas Palmer, Charles Smith, Robert Boss, Larry Hunt, Jesse Perkins, William Reynolds, David Emerick, Thomas Cantwell, Douglas Getman, Richard Dowd, Ralph Wilkinson, Jerrold Huxtable, William Huxtable, Charles Boutellier, Irving Loomis, Douglas Bernhardt, David Getman, David Klem, Robert Beadle, Donald Bruce, Terry Hanagan, Donald Ferguson, Leslie Getman and Gregory Hext.

Three senior girls at Richfield Springs High School have been cited for their outstanding performance on theNational Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test last spring. Each has received a formal letter of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Principal Benjamin A. Cisek announced that the seniors so honored are Patricia C. Chadwick, Mary a Daly, and Jo Agatha Sdrewski.


Dena Springer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Springer, of 58 West Main Street, was recently named among the “Top Teen,” an honored group of outstanding young people, by Agnes Doyle, feature writer for the Utica Observer. She was picked as an outstanding student at RSCS and for her extracurricular activities. A senior at RSCS, Dena has been accepted at Geneseo State Teachers College. She hopes to teach mentally handicapped children. She is a member of the National Honor Society at RSCS, the band, the chorus, the student council, and the Girl’s Athletic Association. She attended the All-State music festival and was chosen Queen of the Junior Prom. Miss Diana Oldick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oldick of Warren, was also honored as a “Top Teen” by Agnes Doyle. Diana is active in the Warren Grange and a member of the Young People’s Fellowship at St. James Episcopal Church. She plans to work as a secretary after graduating from RSCS where she is majoring in business and serves as editor of the senior yearbook. She enjoys horseback riding, swimming, reading, skating and boating.

The RSCS Junior Prom is next week, on May 21, and the junior class is busy making final preparations. Fred Clute’s orchestra will provide the music. The theme will be “Cinderella’s Ball” with decorations depicting a royal palace complete with her majesty’s coach at the entrance. Barbara Streeter is chairman of the decoration committee. Other chairmen are Sylvia Skinner, publicity; John Losee, tables and chairs; Fred Culbert, clean-up; Frances Gorney, refreshments; Eloise Dibble, invitations; Helen Donahue, tables and napkins; Rose Karpowich and Steve Matthews, reservations.

John Losee III and Steven Matthews, junior students at the Richfield Springs Central School have been selected to represent Hugick-Purcell-Shepard Post, American Legion, at the annual Boys State of New York to be held at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, from June 26 to July 2.

Grade 12 Honor Roll – High Honor: Victoria Burrington, Dena Springer, Vera Udovich, Jean Wilson. Honor: Mary Kay Gressler, Eleanor Jastremski, Diane Oldick, William Pratt and Joyce Swota.

RSCS Menu for May 23-27: Monday: Meat loaf, buttered spinach, bread and butter, peas and carrots, cookies, milk. Tuesday: Chicken Chop Suey, strained rice, bread and butter, mixed fruit salad, milk. Wednesday: Beef vegetable soup, egg salad sandwich, chips, celery and pepper sticks, cake and milk. Thursday: Assorted cold cuts, macaroni salad, bread and butter, fruited Jello and milk. Friday: Baked fish, peas and carrots, bread and butter, pears and milk.

At a special meeting of the RSCS Board of Education, supervising principal James Hines submitted his resignation effective June 30. Mr. Hines has been named Superintendent of Schools for the Catskill, NY school system. He has served as supervising principal at RSCS since July 1954. Hines joined Richfield Springs in 1948 as a social studies teacher and varsity basketball coach. He then served as a guidance counselor and as a vice principal before becoming supervising principal.

Forty-one seniors graduated from Richfield Springs Central School during formal ceremonies Monday evening in the auditorium. The four top honor students were Victoria Burrington, Valedictorian; Vera Udovich, Salutatorian; First honors, Lodena Springer; and Second honors, Patricia Chadwick. Diana Oldick and William Pratt won citizenship and leadership awards. Douglas Palmer and Patricia Traudt were honored for their athletic achievements while maintaining progress in their academic studies. Katherine Zawko won the Latin prize. Victoria Burrington won the Robert J. Conklin Citizenship Education Prize. The Mathematics Prize went to Earl Jones. William Pratt won the Industrial Arts Craftsmanship Award. The Agricultural Prize was claimed by Richard Dowd.


The RSCS wrestlers have defeated nine straight opponents to date. This puts the string of wins over two seasons up to 15. In the Center State Conference the grapplers have defeated Sherburne twice, 26-14 and 37-6; Cooperstown 22-14 and Hamilton 30-8. In the Central New York Wrestling League the team has defeated Van Hornesville 26-19, Holland Patent, 25-13, Whitesboro 29-13, Sauquoit, 35-10; and Chittenango, 36-8. At the 103-pound weight class, Clayton Gage has done a terrific job. He has pinned six straight opponents and won one match by forfeit. Sophomore Jesse Perkins has won seven matches without a defeat. George Durisek is 6-3-1 at 120 -127 weight class. At the 140 -pound weight class, Charles Oldick is 9-0 for the season. At 147 pounds Jerry Huxtable has pinned eight opponents and decisioned another. Steve Woytowich is 6-3 at the 154-pound class.

Varsity basketball players for RSCS are Bob Fenton, Larry Bond, Dave Getman, Joe Muller, Charles Boutellier, Ed Donnelly, Doug Getman, and Jay Bernhardt. Playing at home, the RSCS boys defeated the Waterville team, 66-49, on January 31 after leading at halftime, 25-16.  David Getman was the high scorer with 15 points. Bob Fenton had 13 and Larry Bond and Jay Bernhardt each scored 12.

RSCS ninth-grader John Houghtaling published his poem titled “A Boy” in the Mercury: “Nobody knows what a boy is worth, a boy at work or play; a boy who whistles around the place, or laughs in an artless way. Nobody knows what a boy is worth, a boy with his face aglow; for in his heart there are secrets deep not even the wisest know. Nobody knows what a boy is worth, a boy with his bare feet; So have a smile and kindly words for every boy you meet.”

The annual Prize Speaking Contest will be held Friday in the RSCS gymnasium at 1:15 p.m. The contestants in the dramatic reading group are Mary Kuncik and Sylvia Skinner; poetry, Ellen Daly and Rose Karpowich; humor, Nancy Payne and Richard Reachout. The judges will be Mrs. Myron Jordan, Mrs. Crawford Butler and C. Frederick Fraser. Winners will participate in the District Contest at Schenevus.

RSCS senior Miss Cheryl Oppel was named this week as the recipient of a New York State Regents Nursing Scholarship. Recently, legislation was passed increasing the number of available Regents’ nursing scholarships from 300 to 600. The scholarship provides for three years of nursing education in a hospital and is good for $200 to $500 per year depending on financial need. Miss Oppel will graduate from RSCS this month as an honor student ranked fourth in the class.

Three members of the 1962 RSCS yearbook staff attended the Yearbook Service Workshop conducted by Inter-Collegiate Press, publishers of the annual, at Drumlin’s Country Club on Tuesday. After an information-filled morning session, the delegates were guests of the company at a luncheon in the club dining room. Attending were Karen Hiscox, editor-in-chief, Jerry Sponburg, art editor, and Merle Butler, junior class representative on the staff. Miss Einsiedel, senior advisor, accompanied the students.


Monica Thiel scored the highest on a competitive examination sponsored by the General Mills Company. The examination is designed to measure knowledge and attitudes about homemaking and was given to senior girls at RSCS last fall. Monica is the daughter of Mrs. Eva Thiel, of 3 Park Street. She is twelfth alternate on the Regents Scholarship list for Otsego County and has been accepted at Albany and Oneonta Schools of Education. As the local winner, Miss Thiel is entitled to wear a special medal symbolic of her accomplishment.

John Douglas Getman has been awarded a New York State Regents scholarship grant. Getman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Getman, of Sheridan Road, in Herkimer County. Douglas has been a consistent honor student and is a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams. This year he is vice-president of the RSCS student council.

A number of RSCS seniors have received notification of their acceptance for admission to colleges in September. Glenn Armstrong, Cornell University, agricultural engineering; David Burton, Syracuse University, liberal arts; Antonio del Pozzo, Maryville Tennessee and Trinity of Texas, liberal arts; George Durisek, Syracuse University, arts and science; John Douglas Getman, Cortland, science and mathematics; Daniel Horan, NYS Maritime College, marine engineering, and Oneonta, science; John R. Jersen, R.P.I., engineering; Mart Matthews, Middlebury, arts and sciences; Kenney B. McDonnell, Plattsburg, elementary education; Joseph Muller, Canton, agriculture and accounting; John Pronko, M.V.T.I., engineering and physics; Valnette Sheldon, Brockport, elementary education; John Skinner, M.V.T.I. engineering and physics; Donna Slocum, Brockport, elementary education; Linda Springer, Brockport, elementary education; Monic Thiel, Albany and Oneonta, citizenship education; Steven Woytowich, Cortland, science; Katherine Zawko, Harper, science and mathematics.

RSCS Grade 12 Honor Roll – High Honor: Cheryl Lincourt and Elaine Miller. Honor: Glenn Armstrong, Jean Bergloff, Kay Boss, Carole Brewer, Lianne Combs, George Durisek, Karen Homa, John Jersen, Mary Palmer, John Schultz, Valnette Sheldon, Linda Springer, Monica Thiel and Katherine Zawko.

Benjamin Cisek has been appointed to tenure as supervising principal at the Richfield Central School. John Burrington has been re-appointed guidance counselor for 1962-1963. Students are now using the new band room. Elementary library books are now being arranged in the new elementary library. This was formerly the old cafeteria kitchen. Students will be moved into the new art room as soon as the new cabinets are installed.

The RSCS football team defeated West Winfield Saturday at Richfield, by a score of 14-0. Richfield tallied early in the second period as John Houghtaling connected with Sherwood Tuthill on a 15-yard pass at the conclusion of a sustained 65-yard drive. Houghtaling then ran in for the extra point. Then, in the fourth period, Houghtaling passed for the final score after an 80-yard march up the field, which was aided by a 15-yard penalty. Huxtable kicked for the extra point. Members of the football team are: Tuthill, Dibble, Harris, and Klem, ends; Morgan, Maxim, Emerick and Hribar, tackles; Deamon, Sheridan, Hallock and Reynolds, guards; Dowd and Jastremski, centers, Houghtaling and Chase, quarterbacks; Perkins, Huxtable, Ralph Osterhoudt and Ron Osterhoudt, halfbacks; Bond and Lagoe, fullbacks.


January Grade 12 Honor Roll – High Honor: Merle Marie Butler, Judith Carter, Thomas Furner, Michael Pronko. Honor: Barbara Burton, Gloria Chapman, James Culbert, David Emerick, Shirley Fuller, Barbara Hugick, Eleanor Saltys, Camille Smagalski, Judith Snyder, Walter Snyder.

RSCS has won the Central New York Wrestling League championship, with a 5-0-1 record. The team suffered only one loss, that coming in Center State League competition, where the record was 3-1-0.

RSCS Menu, February 25 – March 1, 1963: Monday: Chicken rice soup, meat salad sandwich, celery and carrot sticks, fruit, milk; Tuesday: Meatloaf, bread and butter, spinach, applesauce, milk; Wednesday: Escalloped ham and potatoes, vegetable salad, bread and butter, fruit, milk; Thursday: Hot turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, fruited Jello, milk; Friday: Macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes, bread and butter, baked apple or fruit, milk.

Five RSCS students have won Regents Scholarships according to Benjamin A. Cizek, supervising principal. The five students are Merle Marie Butler, Thomas Furner, Walter Snyder, David Emerick and Michael Pronko. Miss Butler is a member of the National Honor Society. She plays the piano, the pipe organ, the piccolo and the bell lyre. She is interested in language studies. Mr. Furner is a member of the National Honor Society. He won the U.S. History prize. He plans to pursue engineering studies and hopes to specialize in missiles and rockets. Mr. Snyder excels in mathematics, science and French and plans to continue his education in Albany or Plattsburg. Mr. Emerick has played football, basketball and baseball throughout high school. He is a member of the National Honor Society and has been a consistent honor student. He plans to pursue engineering studies in college. Michael Pronko is a National Honor Society member. He excels in science and mathematics and plans to pursue a college engineering degree.

Miss Camille Smagalski, a senior at RSCS, has been accepted at Oswego State University College of Education and will enter the September term to pursue a course in general elementary education with a math major. At RSCS, Miss Smagalski has been President of the French club and treasurer of the National Honor Society. She directed the senior play and has been active in 4-H work.

RSCS senior class officers for 1963-64 are president, Rosemary Hannagan; vice-president, Jeff Samso; Secretary, Donna Sdrewski; treasurer, Rick Losee; student council representative, John Houghtaling. The National Honor Society officers are president, Annette Mackin; vice-president, David Wellbury; secretary, Karen Chapman; treasurer, David Wellenstein.

Three players turned in outstanding performances in the RSCS football victory over Sauquoit, which Richfield won, 7-6, on the strength of an extra point. Coach Stachura awarded Bill Reynolds, Dean Hribar and Bernie Dibble memberships in his exclusive 150 percent club for their work on the gridiron. Sauquoit scored in the second quarter but failed to convert for the extra point as the Richfield line held the Sauquoit runner on the line of scrimmage. Early in the third period, RSCS took the lead when Bob Maxim recovered a Sauquoit fumble at the Richfield 44-yard line. RSCS marched up the field on runs by Sherwood Tuthill and Mike Lagoe. Having reached the Sauquoit 30-yard line, John Houghtaling connected for a 30-yard pass to end Lynn Harris to tie the game at 6-all. Lagoe then plunged into the end zone for the extra point.


Frank Svet, the top senior science student at RSCS, will receive the Bausch and Lomb Science Award medal. He plans to continue his studies in electronics at either the University of Buffalo or Rochester Institute of Technology. Susan Schmale is the RSCS 1964 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at RSCS. She achieved the highest score on a written knowledge and attitude examination.

Three New York State Regents scholarships have been awarded to three RSCS seniors. Sharon Burney will receive a scholarship for a four-year degree in nursing. Her grant is only one of two awarded to Otsego County students. She has been accepted at Plattsburgh. Annette Mackin is president of the RSCS National Honor Society and has been a member of the band for six years. She plans to pursue studies in psychology at Albany. Nancy Payne has been active in athletics and as a cheerleader. She will attend college in Oneonta to continue science studies.

Prize Speaking Contest first place award winners for 1964 are: Serious Prose: David Wellbury “The Bishop’s Candlesticks”; Dramatic Poetry: Phyllis Baunach “Selections from Childe Harold”; Humor: Steve Hiscox “Basketball Was What It Was.” Miss Dorothy Davis, English teacher, who directed the contest, announced that the first place winners will participate at the district contest at Edmeston in April.

Twenty-seven RSCS seniors have qualified for New York State Regents Scholar Incentive Awards based on their examination scores. Those who will be receiving cash awards ranging from $50 to $150 each semester they attend a New York State college are: Patricia Bennett, Peter Brykailo, Sharon Burney, Rise del Pozzo, James Foster, Rosemary Hannagan, Lynn Harris, John Houghtaling, Sandra Karker, Dale Kimsey, Gale Kimsey, Carolyn King, Richard Losee, Annette Mackin, David Mulligan, Nancy Payne, Dayle Pratt, James Pupecki, Jeff Samson, Donna Sdrewski, Susan Schmale, Tex Seamon, Patricia Skubitz, Pamela Smith, Frank Svet, Janice Tuller, and Frances Wilson.

RSCS Menu March 16-20 (subject to change): Monday: Frankfurt on bun, sauerkraut, baked beans, relish, fruit, milk; Tuesday: Vegetable soup, meat salad sandwich, potato chips, cheese wedges, fruit, milk; Wednesday: Hot chicken, steamed rice, whole kernel corn, celery and carrot sticks, fruit, milk; Thursday: Beef stew and vegetables, bread and butter, green salad, cake, ice cream, milk; Friday: Baked fish, tartar sauce, buttered peas, celery and carrot sticks, bread and butter, applesauce and milk.

Cynthia Andrecheck, a member of the junior class at RSCS has been selected to attend Empire Girls State held at Elmira College in June. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Andrecheck of South Columbia, Cynthia is a member of the National Honor Society and has been very active in intramural sports. She has played in the band for six years and is a member of the mixed chorus. David Wellbury and David Wellenstein have been selected to attend the American Legion-sponsored Boys State at Colgate University in June.


Ivan Boxell, newspaperman, news analyst and world traveler, will be the speaker at the 76th annual RSCS commencement on Sunday, June 27. Mr. Boxell’s talk is titled “The Graduate and the Globe.” Mr. Boxell will discuss what is happening in world affairs and why. He has just returned from his fifth world tour in five years. The Rev. Lawrence Crawford Butler will deliver the invocation and the Rev. Stanley E. Smith will give the benediction. Short addresses will be given by Valedictorian Phyllis Jo Baunach and Salutatorian Cynthia Rose Andrecheck. Student awards will be presented by supervising principal Benjamin A. Cizek. Diplomas will be presented by Jack Mulligan, president of the RSCS school board, assisted by John Carpenter, assistant principal.

Sixty-four seniors, the largest class yet to be graduated from Richfield Springs Central School, received their diplomas at the 76th annual commencement on Sunday afternoon. Citizenship awards were presented to Cynthia Andrecheck and David Wellenstein and Carol Skinner. Physical education awards recognized Joseph Fischette and Mary Palmer. Physical education plus academic performance awards were given to Linda Buddle and Robert Pierson. The mathematics prize was awarded to Cynthia Andrecheck. Wayne Fulington won the industrial arts prize. The Industrial Arts Outstanding Ability prize went to Rick Chase. Phyllis Baunach won the Ella Winne Award for the highest average in English classes. Charles Furner won a prize for his submission of an outstanding farm program. Joseph Jastremski won the John Bierman Williams Prize for excellence in dramatics as well as a Commerce Prize for his work in business studies. A prize from the Warren Grange for agricultural achievement and potential was given to James Domion. Shirley Maine was recognized by the Warren Grange for her homemaking skills. The DAR Good Citizenship Award was presented to Cynthia Andrecheck.


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